Just when you thought that you have already seen it all when it comes to smartphone accessories, here we are with a Kickstarter project that you might want to invest in the Thermodo, which is a small thermometer that does not make use of mercury, which is subsequently attached to the 3.5mm jack on your smartphone. Not only that, dropping some money for the Thermodo will not break the bank, considering how it costs just $19 to make a pledge.

The Thermodo thermometer is tipped to roll out this coming August, assuming everything goes according to plan. Of course, those who want to fork out at least $25 for it will be able to enjoy free shipping too. The Thermodo thermometer is equipped with a keychain, letting you bring it around wherever you are. What are some of the other snazzy smartphone accessories that you have seen in the past which you think should be made a compulsory addition to each smartphone owner? Fire away in the comments.

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