nokia-lumia-920-catwalkLast week it was reported that according to the rumors, Windows Phone could support 1080p Full HD resolutions in its next update. Given that Android phones already support 1080p, this move is more or less expected, although the question of “when” is probably in the forefront of peoples’ minds. So while 1080p Full HD could eventually become the new standard of Windows Phone devices, what about actual screen size? Will we be seeing an increase in that too? Well it seems that it could very well be a possibility, according to a new rumor that has suggested that Microsoft could be looking to add more tiles to Windows Phone, hinting at the possibility of a larger screen.

This is according to Mary Jo Farley from ZDNet who learnt via her sources that Microsoft could be interested in adding an additional column of tiles to the Windows Phone UI. With the Nokia Lumia 920 sitting at 4.5”, it is a pretty big phone and is pretty close to its Android competitors whose displays sit around the 4.5”-4.7” mark, with more modern devices going 5” and beyond. If Microsoft is really interested in increasing the display sizes of future Windows Phone smartphones, seeing a Windows Phone phablet-type device in the future might not be a stretch of the imagination. What do you guys think? Do you think Microsoft is interested in venturing into phablet territory, and would that be a welcome move by Windows Phone owners?

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