apple-convertible-patentAnother day, another patent from Apple has been filed, where this time around, we hear of Apple describing a new kind of convertible MacBook-iPad hybrid which has the capability of being charged sans wires. Hmmm, this is a long time in coming, considering how the Qi wireless standard has been around for quite some time already, and some of the more notable names in the mobile device market such as Samsung and Sony have already picked up and incorporated wireless charging into their respective devices in the past.

It is rather surprising, however, to have Apple CEO Tim Cook knocked off the idea of a convertible MacBook-iPad hybrid device, despite the company filing a patent application that describes just such a device. The proposed patent is known as “Wireless display for electronic devices,” where it was published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office just today. The display itself can be removed from its based, just like one of those convertible laptops that we see from Asus today, but it comes with wireless display technology, in addition to wireless charging capability. Pretty cool, what do you think Apple will call it if it were to be released to the mass market?

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