One of the main reasons why anybody jailbreaks their iOS device is due to the fact the jailbreak community has come up with some amazing applications to help make the most of your device in ways Apple would most likely reject if they were ever attempted to be made available in the App Store. But not many people like the idea of jailbreaking, which is why an app store clone in China is making it possible for iOS users to download and install pirated OS apps without the need to jailbreak.

The service is called KuaiYong, has been around for nearly a year and is only accessible within China, which people speculate may be so they aren’t caught by Apple. Although it looks like KuaiYong may be working on making its service available internationally to English-speaking customers. The way the service works is by using bulk enterprise licensing to bypass Apple’s safeguards, essentially distributing the same exact app over and over again.

We’re not sure how popular a service like this would be if KuaiYong released an English version of their service, or even if Apple would do anything about it. Either way, it’s certainly interesting to see China has come up with a way to provide pirated applications for so long without detection.

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