toyrecordA group of students from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University who started off on a project has begun to explore the relationship between color as well as sound. The brainchild of Natasha Dzurny and Louie Foo, their final product is known as Color Play, which is a device that resembles a record player, although it will play back music from a color wheel instead of a music record.

The color wheel itself comprises of plastic wedges in different colors and widths, where the different colors would represent various pitches, while the different widths would represent different rhythms. As for the colored wedges, those can be rearranged in just about any way that you desire on the removable tray itself, with the speed of the spin being controlled via a knob. The main “secret” to how the Color Play device works is this – the color sensor is central to it all, where it is made out of a photocell and an RGB LED. Colors will absorb and reflect varying amounts of light, and as the sensor shines green, red, and blue light, it will be followed by recording a similar amount of light that returns. Hence, the Color Play would make a sound depending on the values obtained by the sensor.

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