ar15-fbGuns and the right to bear arms is an extremely touchy subject, especially for folks living in the US. The thing is, we have seen our fair share of tragedies borne out on TV because of mindless and senseless killings, where even teenagers were able to obtain firearms and run amok with them, be it at campuses or in a movie theater. Well, it seems that the Facebook fan page for Pittsburgh Tactical Firearm has been shut down by the powers-that-be at Facebook. The thing is, not only was the main page shuttered, but the second page which begun as a replacement for the first was killed off, too. Apparently, this could very well be because the owner of Pittsburgh Tactical Firearm has been running a giveaway contest for an AR-15.

Shop owner Erik Lowry said, “I still don’t know what’s going on.” He realized that the page was shut down three days back, and many of the page’s 27,000 followers subsequently called and emailed to ask what had happened. Lowry then stepped up to begin a replacement page, but that one was also shut down shortly, and despite asking at least 100 times, according to him, Facebook did not respond with any explanation. Do you think that such “censorship” is unconstitutional?

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