Shooting at the police is never the brightest idea in the world, considering how the police have the kind of tactical training and firepower to bring you down with deadly prejudice. Thing is, what happens when you let loose some bullets in the direction of a police robot? Well, you get arrested, as what could very well be the precedent was set in Ohio last month where a heavily armed 62-year-old man who was barricaded in his home, shot at and of course, damaged a robot which was first sent in by police.

The robot was shot at with a small pistol, but that did not fail to deter the robot, which allowed the police to gain a window of opportunity to come crashing into his home and stunning him into submission with a stun gun, all without any grievous injury to either party. Well, he was then charged with the possession of firearms as well as vandalizing government property, where the latter was due to him shooting the robot. Hope he has a good lawyer on his side!

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