At the Consumer Electronics Show in January Garmin showed off the K2 platform. They vowed many with their latest infotainment platform, including Daimler AG. According to their latest press release, future Mercedes Benz cars will now feature in-dash GPS navigation provided by Garmin. Over the next four years Garmin’s system will be fully integrated in to Mercedes Benz cars, it begins with the 2014 models. Mercedes Benz is yet to reveal which features of the entire platform it will be integrated in its cars, we can expect news to trickle in once they announce launch models in 2014.

The system in future Mercedes Benz cars will display important driver information such as the next upcoming turn on a secondary display that will be placed behind the steering wheel. The in-dash display will show navigation and maps. The navigation functions will be controllable through the system’s rotary controller or through the voice command functionality. Garmin’s system will also provide critical positiong information for Advanced Driver Assistance or (ADAS), this funtionality of the car helps drivers in challenging situations. For the sake of clarity, the entire infotainment system is not Garmin, it’s the navigation and maps related features that are going to be provided by it.

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