HTC Patents Phone With Dual DisplaysLast month we reported on a LG patent for a phone that came with 3 displays that slide out underneath each other, and it looks like HTC has considered something similar in the past, albeit with a more reasonable dual-display instead. Considering that patents don’t necessarily indicate intent to go into production, there’s really no saying if HTC will ever follow through with this idea, but it’s worth taking a look at nonetheless.

Basically the patent describes a phone that will feature a slide out display, much like smartphones in the past which featured slide out QWERTY keyboards. However instead of the display merely acting as a secondary means of displaying information, the patent suggests that the secondary display can slide out and fit into place with the primary display, ultimately forming one big display instead. We’ve seen phones with dual screens before, like the Kyocera Echo, for example, which honestly did not become as big a hit as the company had intended, so we’re not sure if HTC’s efforts would have been as well-received either.

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