ttd-630x400The iPad 4 sports a pretty impressive resolution at 2048×1536, a display which Apple refers to as Retina which is also higher than Full HD displays at 1920×1080, a display which some notebooks are still missing. Unfortunately monitors with higher than Full HD resolution aren’t exactly cheap, and if you could, wouldn’t you want to turn your iPad’s display into an external monitor? Granted you could probably do that with Air Display, it means you will need an iPad to begin with, but a Polish hacker by the name of Emeryth decided to save money but purchasing the display unit online, before hacking it to run as an external monitor at full resolution, a project which cost him about $70 in total ($55 for the display, and $14 for a DisplayPort connector). This is probably a project not for everyone since it does require a bit of technical skills, but if you’re interested and think you have the chops, or simply because you’re curious, Emeryth has detailed the process online at his website.

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