Japanese Firm Launches ‘Unimo’ Wheelchair That Can Traverse Any Terrain


We’ve seen personal vehicles from Japan that blow away anything we could think of in the U.S., the latest one being the Kidswalker NT. But Nano-Optonics Energy has just launched a new wheelchair that puts the conventional wheelchair to shame with what this one can do.

The “Unimo” is a one-seater electrical vehicle (EV) that looks like sofa and is capable of traversing nearly anything due to its rubber crawler tracks, which replace the traditional wheels found on a wheelchair. It can turn a full 360°, has independent suspension and can climb over a step that is 15cm high, which is nearly 6 inches high. Because of this, the Unimo is able to travel where traditional wheelchairs aren’t able to such as gravel roads in parks or on a sandy beach.

Keeping the rider comfortable is the most important thing with the Unimo, which is also capable of adjusting its angle, depending on how deep of an incline its rider is traveling on, to keep the passenger feeling secure in their seat. Unfortunately, the Unimo will not be intended to be sold to individuals as Nano-Optonics Energy plans on selling them to hospitals and care facilities first.

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