Riding a fully-functional mech is probably extremely high on most people’s list, or at least people that could be considered to be extremely cool, and we might never get to see the day where we can ride a mech, a Japanese company is making it possible for your kids to do so.

Sakakibara-Kikai created the Kidswalker NT, which is a miniature gas-powered exoskeleton which features a chest plate that flips up to protect the rider, moving arms and a “drill” attachment for those days when adventuring into ground is a must. The drill can be activated by twisting on the Kidswalker NT’s throttle-like controls, although we certainly would warn the kid rider to watch where they point that thing as we’re sure it’ll poke more than a few hundred eyes out.

The Kidswalker NT measures in at 5.2 feet and weighs 397lbs and costs a total of $21,000, although if you’re thinking of having it shipped to the U.S., we’re sure its shipping costs would certainly reach in the thousands as well. If you’re an awesome parent with some extra pocket money to spend, we’re sure your child will never forget this gift.

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