Officially Licensed Iron Man Mouse Comes With Light Up Eyes, Arc Reactor Not Available

ironmanmouseAre you excited for the upcoming Iron Man 3 movie? We know we are, but whether it will live up to its hype remains to be seen. In the meantime it seems that to capitalize the hype and excitement and anticipation of the movie, Japanese company e-blue has released an officially licensed Iron Man mouse which will no doubt be grabbed up by collectors and fans around the world. The mouse is pretty standard and is a wireless one and requires two AAA batteries to power it. No Arc reactor, unfortunately, but the eyes of the “mask”, or mouse if you prefer, will light up when in use.

For a rather normal mouse, e-blue is pricing it around 699 Yuan which is about $113 when converted. Kind of pricey, no? However for your money, you will be able to get the mouse in a special casing (pictured above), meaning that this mouse is probably more for display purposes rather than actual use. No word on if and when this Iron Man mouse will make its way stateside, but we’re sure collectors will find a way to get their hands on it even if it doesn’t.

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