3d-scanner3D printing seems to be the brand new fad in the world of technology, and it seems that there has been a fair amount of effort put in by relevant parties to ensure that 3D printing is able to be affordable enough for the masses to give it a go. Well, before you do some 3D printing, you might want to perform 3D scanning so that you have the relevant details and information before your 3D printer can get to work. Anyone who watched Jackie Chan’s CZ12 movie would revel in the unique 3D scanner gloves that they employ, and I guess the Photon 3D scanner is a crude predecessor.

The Photon is the brainchild of Canada-based Matterform, where it allows anyone to quickly scan existing objects in high resolution, followed by transferring said digital scans to a 3D printer for modification and output. The Photon 3D scanner was designed using simple lines and a small footprint, and relies on actual lasers instead of a Kinect to get the job done. Currently an IndieGogo candidate, it is expected that the Photon will be available later this August assuming it meets its financial goals.

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