reinvent-the-wheelAll right, the term “reinventing the wheel” might be aimed at folks who have lofty hopes of changing the world, but should not really touch anything that has been working at its optimal level all this while. Well, how about this steering wheel cover known as “Reinventing the Wheel (RITW),” which will allow you to fend off boredom while you are stuck in gridlocked traffic to entertain yourself as you play a drum set to go along with whatever else that is being played on your vehicle’s audio system?

RITW might seem to be a late April Fools’ Day joke, but it is dead serious, thanks to the efforts by the folks over at Smack Attack Corporation who managed to cobble together this $149.99 device that fits around an ordinary steering wheel. It is capable of playing eight different drum sounds, among others, where there is also the option to include additional sounds to its onboard storage, and you can trigger them from whichever one of its eight sensors selected. All audio from the RITW will be output via FM radio to your car stereo, letting you come up with your very own mixes on the spot. It is day after tomorrow that “Reinventing the Wheel” will arrive as a Kickstarter project, and hopefully it won’t end up being as distracting to musically inclined drivers as texting on a smartphone would.

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