We highlighted a way for Dropbox users to be able to use the service in order to help them find a stolen computer, but one person took their stolen computer experience and decided to publish it for the world to see on a Tumblr called “Dom’s laptop is in Iran.”

The Tumblr’s author’s name is Dom Deltorto and he claims his MacBook Pro was stolen from his apartment on February 4. Lucky for him, he installed a $15 application on his computer called Hidden App, which allowed him to track his stolen machine the next time it connected to the Internet. Once it locates the computer, it can send you photos from a built-in webcam and even takes screengrabs to show what they’re doing on the computer.

Deltorto’s MacBook Pro made took over a month to make its way back online where it was found to be in Iran. Since police weren’t able to help in the retrieval of his computer, he took to the Internet to publish the images he received of its new owners. Unfortunately for Deltorto, whoever he attempted to shame wasn’t the thief and has since shut down the Tumblr and issued an apology and told its new owner they could keep the MacBook Pro as retribution for the trouble he caused.

If there’s one thing you should learn from this story, it’s to never assume whoever has your stolen goods is the original thief. They could be as much of a victim as you are…. or they could be lying through their teeth so they don’t get in trouble. Either way, you probably shouldn’t create a Tumblr in an attempt to shame them.

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