apple-1-130526There’s something about old and discontinued Apple computers that has the ability to fetch pretty high prices despite some of them not exactly being in great working condition, and once again it seems that an auction for an Apple I computer has been spotted in Germany where it managed to close for a whopping price of $671,400 where it was bought by an anonymous buyer from the Far East. The computer was originally priced at $666 back in 1976, which is worth around $2,700 in today’s money.

A little backstory on the auction: The computer was originally sold by a retired electrical engineer to an interested party for $40,000. At the time of sale, the computer was not working, so the new owner actually swapped out some parts, managed to get it up and running before arranging a meeting with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak who then signed the computer. When informed of how much the computer was sold for, the original owner had this to say, “My God […] Best to him. He’s the one who fixed it up and figured the best way to sell it for all that money. Evidently, he’s very good at this.”

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