Frostbite Go Revealed To Be EAs Efforts At Bringing The Frostbite Engine To Mobile DevicesOur mobile games have evolved from being 8-bit looking drawings to pretty complex looking graphics today, games such as Infinity Blade, Shadowgun and Real Racing being prime examples. Well it looks like EA wants in on the fun too and are looking to kick mobile gaming graphics up a notch, and thanks the Frostbite page, EA has essentially revealed the existence of Frostbite Go, a mobile division which EA plans to build games designed specifically for mobile devices.

This is not the first time we’ve heard that EA planned a mobile version of their Frostbite engine, with the hiring of mobile developers, and a project manager mentioning the existence of Frostbite Go back in April, but we guess at least it is official now. We’re not sure what sort of titles we might be looking at, or when said games powered by the mobile version of the Frostbite engine will be released, but this is definitely good news at least as far as mobile gamers are concerned who might associate mobile gaming with titles such as Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja, instead of more “serious” type of games. The mobile engine is said to target all major mobile platforms, but it should be noted that iOS and Android are mentioned specifically, leaving us to wonder about the fate of Blackberry 10 and Windows Phone gamers.

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