Galaxy S4 Nexus Edition Reportedly Akin To T-Mobile Variant


According to a new report, the Galaxy S4 “Nexus” edition smartphone announced at I/O 2013, might be the T-Mobile variant of this smartphone that simply has modified software. Said to best meet the hardware criteria, T-Mobile’s S4 variant was chosen to be made Nexus edition Galaxy S4 that touts the stock version of Android OS. Starting June 26th, Google will begin selling this smartphone through Play Store unlocked for $649.

Apart from running a stock version of Android OS, the device will have its bootloader unlocked, which would make it easier for those who wish to flash custom Android ROMs. This smartphone will be able to support both AT&T and T-Mobile LTE networks. Google has also said that the Galaxy S4 Nexus edition will receive software updates promptly like other Nexus smartphones do. The best thing about stock Android OS is that it doesn’t have all the bloatware that carriers ship smartphones with or the skins that manufacturers bake on top on the core Android OS, such as Samsung’s TouchWiz UI. Though this is obviously not confirmed yet, the device actually needs to be released first before it can be said for sure exactly which variant it is similar to.

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