instagram-signinstagraInstagram seems to be one of the more popular apps that users of other platforms, such as Windows Phone and Blackberry, are clamoring for. The good news is that there is a chance we might be hearing an Instagram for Blackberry announcement soon, thanks to a post on Facebook. It seems that in response to a user’s question about whether there is Instagram for Blackberry, one of the admins from the Blackberry Facebook page replied by saying that there will be more news on Instagram “soon”. Considering that the Blackberry Live event is taking place later today, some are speculating that we might be hearing an announcement then.

Coincidentally previous rumors have suggested that Instagram (amongst other apps) could be announced during Nokia’s event as well which is taking place in the UK on the 14th of May as well. Perhaps we could be seeing a simultaneous launch of Instagram on both platforms! In any case we guess we’ll probably have to wait and see if this announcement will be made during Blackberry Live, or further down the line, so be sure to check back with us later for the details!

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