spraveAre you currently in a lull, wondering how come no one ever figured a way to have weekly episodes of The Walking Dead without having to have a season stop and leaving us viewers hanging for a few months before the next season? Well, it always pays to be prepared just in case there is a real life breakout of the zombie virus amongst us, and this is where a certain Joerg Sprave might have the upper hand in the fight against the undead after he constructed a working crossbow using spare M16 parts, aptly calling it the M16 Crossbow along the way.

Definitely worth a look if you so happen to be called a certain Daryl Dixon, no? According to Sprave, a crossbow is “unregulated in Germany, so totally legal to own”, and he has ensured that there is a protective housing for the rubber band which is used to propel the ammunition, while doubling up as a silencer along the way. Sprave is not one to rest on his laurels, which is why he is about to embark on a multi firing one. Perhaps Daryl Dixon and Hansel and Gretel might want to hook up one day to discuss their future plans on an undefeatable crossbow, no?

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