Nokias CEO Reaffirms Their Commitment To The Windows Phone PlatformMany had initially questioned Nokia’s decision to put all their eggs in the Windows Phone basket when a more popular option in the form of Android was readily available. Well whatever the case is, recent statistics have shown that the Lumia 920 is currently the most popular Windows Phone, showing that despite Windows Phone’s market share being smaller, at least Nokia still on top.

Nokia’s CEO, Stephen Elop, has since made a statement in response to speculation that Nokia might need a new strategy after its Q1 results in which he was quoted as saying, “We make adjustments as we go. But it’s very clear to us that in today’s war of ecosystems, we’ve made a very clear decisions to focus on Windows Phone with our Lumia product line. And it is with that that we will compete with competitors like Samsung and Android.” Basically Elop’s statement made it clear that Nokia remains committed to the Windows Phone platform, and hopefully with the next build of Windows Phone, we will start seeing even more impressive hardware and features that could help the platform gain even more market share.

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