There’s quite a bit of competition among carriers in the U.S., which is good as it promotes substantial growth in the industry at large. T-Mobile recently strayed from convention when it launched its new UNcarrier plans, a move that prompted Verizon subscribers to petition their network to consider the same as well. However according to surveys, most recent being conducted by JD Power, T-Mobile hasn’t been ranking high in the consumer satisfaction lately. The latest annual study puts T-Mobile in fourth place on the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

The carriers were scored on a scale from 0-100. Verizon tops the index with a score of 73, which translates in to a 4% increase as compared to the previous year. Sprint came in second, holding its ground with 71. AT&T saw a 1% increase and sits in third place with 70 points. In fourth place comes T-Mobile which has actually seen a 1% decrease and scores 68.┬áThe subscribers of these carriers are asked to rate how reliable the networks are with regards to call clarity, network coverage and dropped calls, and as the results clearly show, T-Mobile has quite a lot to do to change the public’s perception. If you’re a T-Mobile subscriber, do let us know in the comments whether or not you’re satisfied with the service.

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