HTC-One-33HTC announced their brand new flagship smartphone, the HTC One, earlier this year. Unfortunately the HTC One was not launched with the greatest success with the phone seeing delays which could have possibly cost the Taiwanese company precious time as they did not manage to sneak in as much sales as they could before the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Now thanks to a report from CitiGroup Global Markets, they have predicted that sales of the HTC One are expected to remain flat for the month of June, before declining rapidly in July due to apparent lack of decline in the US.

CitiGroup claims that this decline is due to saturated demand in mature markets like the US, combined with the anticipation of newer and better devices, and off the top of our heads we’re probably looking at devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the iPhone 5S. However perhaps all is not lost because it seems that HTC could be announcing newer handsets, like the Butterfly S and the One Mini which will hopefully help make up for the apparent decline in sales. What do you guys think? Do you think that the HTC One is facing a decline in sales or are reports of its death greatly exaggerated?

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