Minecraft has been absolutely killing as we hear on a regular basis it sells millions upon millions on whatever platform its available on. Earlier this year, Mojang announced Minecraft was downloaded a total of 15 million times in 2012 alone, which accounted for all of the versions the game was made available on. Today, Mojang is announcing the original PC version has hit the 11 million sales milestone.

As of now, Minecraft is available on PC, Mac, Xbox 360, iOS and Android and is expected to be released on Xbox One soon after the console’s release. If Minecraft is ever made available on either a Sony or Nintendo gaming platform, then the game’s complete dominance of the gaming industry could finally be considered complete. Until that day comes, we’re sure Mojang will continue to announce its Minecraft will continue to sell millions upon millions of copies, with many fans of the game rejoicing by continuing to attempt their best to survive a night filled with creepers.

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