pandoraPandora has just introduced a spanking new browser-based interface for TVs, where the company has high hopes for it to set the standard when it comes to using such a service in the living room sometime down the road. The first devices that will be able to support this kind of new HTML5-based interface would be the two outgoing game consoles, namely the Xbox 360 and PS3, but this is definitely a case of better late than never for both machines to receive their first semi-native implementations of Pandora, courtesy of the latest edition.

Pandora intends to make such a TV interface to be as ubiquitous as radio is today. Over the past few years, Pandora has shifted its focus to making inroads into additional markets such as cars, having now partnered with 23 23 automotive brands and is available in 90 different car models, apart from other viable platforms. Since approximately 33% of radio listening occurs at home, Pandora intends to find a way for it to become just as ubiquitous on the large screen TVs that dot most home living rooms these days. Right now, with over 10 million people tuning in to Pandora on their TVs and via TV set-top boxes, it is certainly a viable path to take.

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