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Pandora Reveals Fascinating Insights Into Our Music Habits Now That We’re On Lockdown
Now that we’re on lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, life as we know it is definitely not what it used to be. We have seen how the lockdown has resulted in us doing things differently from normal, such as getting used to working and studying from home, maybe ordering more delivery food than before, or maybe cooking more than ever.

Pandora For The Apple Watch Will Soon Let You Stream Without Your iPhone
Unless you own the cellular version of the Apple Watch, there is a good chance that almost everything you do on the Apple Watch requires that it be tethered to your iPhone. While most of us typically travel with our phone and our smartwatch at the same time, this isn’t really an issue, but for those seeking a bit of independence, then this can be troublesome.

Music From Pandora Can Now be Shared In Instagram Stories
Last year, Instagram announced integration with Spotify where if users wanted, they would be able to add music from Spotify into their Instagram Stories. If you don’t use Spotify but would still like to take advantage of the feature, you’re in luck because Pandora has also announced support for Instagram Stories.

Pandora Launches A Standalone Desktop App For Music Streaming
There are many music streaming services available at the moment, but if Pandora is your platform of choice, or if it is one of the services you’re subscribed to, then you’ll be pleased to learn that the company has announced the launch of a standalone desktop app where you’ll be able to stream songs on your computer.


Pandora Releases A New App For Mac
If you have been wishing for a Pandora desktop app, your wish has come true today, provided that you use a Mac. The internet radio service has released a new Pandora for Mac app today. Don’t worry, there’s going to be a version for Windows as well. Pandora says that it’s going to be released for Windows in the near future.

Music Streaming Services Are Fighting Royalties Increase
Royalties are one of the several ways that musicians earn money through their music. This is why it was a big deal when Apple initially refused to pay musicians royalties during the three month trial period of Apple Music. This essentially meant that musicians had to work for “free” during those three months.

Pandora Can Now Be Controlled Using Voice Commands
Much like everything under the sun these days, Pandora is also getting a voice-enabled smart assistant. It will enable users to control the app using voice commands. Pandora announced the launch of Voice Mode today. It’s a native smart assistant that can control the app in response to simple voice commands.

Pandora Premium Support Arrives For Amazon Echo Devices
Amazon Echo owners now have another service to stream music from. It has been confirmed today that Pandora Premium subscribers will now be able to stream music on their Echo devices. This will also be possible on third-party speakers with Alexa that support Pandora.

SiriusXM Announces $3.5 Billion Acquisition Of Pandora
SiriusXM today announced that it’s acquiring internet music streaming company Pandora for $3.5 billion. It says that the Pandora brand and service will be retained after the acquisition so the service’s almost 70 million monthly active users don’t have anything to worry about right now. SiriusXM itself has some 36 million subscribers.

Pandora Now Lets Users Share Music On Snapchat
Pandora launched its Premium music streaming service last year. Subscribers get access to a massive library of songs similar to what they would get on Spotify and Apple Music. They also get access to all of the features of the internet radio streaming service. People do like to share music and Pandora is now allowing its ad-supported, Plus, and Premium users do that.

Pandora Premium Available On Google Home And Assistant Devices
Pandora’s music subscription service is available on Google Home speakers and Google Assistant-powered audio devices now. The service is called Pandora Premium and it provides subscribers with access to a vast library of tracks. It’s an on-demand music streaming service much like its rival Spotify and Apple Music.

Pandora Will Apply Its Music Recommendation Tech To Podcasts
Music recommendations have come a long way in terms of how companies use their algorithms to come up with recommendations and suggestions. However that tech has yet to be applied to podcasts, but that’s something that Pandora is looking to do where they want to apply their music recommendation tech to podcasts.

Pandora Launches $15/month Family Subscription Plan
Music streaming individually is not particularly expensive at around $10 a month. However imagine if you have a family of five, this means that if everyone were to subscribe it would cost $50 a month, and this is where we’re seeing companies offer its subscribers a cheaper alternative in the form of family plans.

Pandora Has Close To 6 Million Paid Subscribers
With so many music streaming services around, there are only so many subscriptions that can be had. Right now it’s safe to say that Spotify is pretty much leading the way in terms of subscriptions, boasting 75 million paid subscribers and 170 million subscribers in total. Apple isn’t that far behind with about 40 million paid subscribers.