Now that we’re on lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, life as we know it is definitely not what it used to be. We have seen how the lockdown has resulted in us doing things differently from normal, such as getting used to working and studying from home, maybe ordering more delivery food than before, or maybe cooking more than ever.

It also seems to have changed the way we listen to music, where according to fascinating new insights released by Pandora, the company has revealed how our music listening habits have changed ever since the pandemic began. This is based on Pandora’s own streaming platform where they have seen a shift in the kind of music we are listening to.

For example, Pandora reveals that its Pop and Hip-Hop Power Workout and Pop Fitness stations are seeing a rise in popularity where they are now the company’s top-streamed fitness platforms. This suggests that more people are now working out at home than before, and are tuning into music that will give them more energy and motivation to complete their workouts.

It also seems that there is an increase in co-listening and that streaming music between 12pm to 7pm is higher, suggesting that families are now starting to listen to music together more than before. Gaming also appears to be on the rise as Pandora has seen an increase in users using its platform on consoles.

This might differ from platform to platform, but we wouldn’t be surprised if other platforms are also seeing similar changes. What do you think? Have your music listening habits changed as a result of being stuck at home?

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