If you have been wishing for a Pandora desktop app, your wish has come true today, provided that you use a Mac. The internet radio service has released a new Pandora for Mac app today. Don’t worry, there’s going to be a version for Windows as well. Pandora says that it’s going to be released for Windows in the near future.

The desktop app will enable users to access the internet radio service without having to deal with a separate browser window. The app itself has a very clean interface that’s very mobile-inspired and puts recommendation tools in the spotlight.

There are some new features as well that are exclusive to the desktop app. They include on-screen notifications, keyboard playback controls, and the controls for Pandora Modes, a feature which was launched in March this year.

The app isn’t overflowing with features which is actually a good thing. Everything is laid out in a very simple manner with the essential features all being within easy reach. It’s a refreshingly clutter free app that puts the focus squarely on the core internet radio service.

Pandora for Mac is now available for download. The Windows version of this app should arrive in the not too distant future.

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