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Samsung Lures iPhone 5 Owners To Galaxy S4 With Smart Switch App

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We’re sure many of you iPhone 5 owners out there have been having weird feelings in regards to the Samsung Galaxy S4. I know I’m certainly one of those who has been seriously considering making the jump to the Galaxy S4 ever since I first got my hands on the device a few months back. Samsung is aware of this and wants to help the transition if we decide to take the plunge with a new piece of software called Smart Switch. 

Smart Switch is free tool that migrates all of your personal data, media and apps from one device to another, and in the case of a video detailing the process, and iPhone to a Samsung device, such as the Galaxy S4. The Smart Switch app will back up all of your information from your iPhone to your computer, detects what can be transferred, and then allows you to transfer compatible data to your Galaxy device by simply hitting the transfer button.

Now that you know Samsung is making it easier for iPhone users to switch over to a Galaxy device, will this entice you to make the jump?

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