swtor-logoWhile BioWare’s Star Wars: The Old Republic started off with a lot of hype and expectations, it seems that the game was not the commercial success that BioWare expected, leading the company to drop the subscription system in favor of a free-to-play model. Now the bad news for SWTOR players who are still playing the game, especially on the Asia Pacific servers, BioWare has announced that they will be closing the Asia Pacific servers in a bid to consolidate their playerbase. This is actually a good thing since quiet servers aren’t exactly the most fun to play in, especially since this is an MMO we are talking about. Certain quests can pretty hard to complete solo, and instances and raids might take a long time to form, and finding guildies could be a hassle as well. Of course what this could mean is that players who play on Asia Pacific servers might find that their ping has increased when they shift over to the North American servers, but we guess that’s the small price they have to pay. BioWare will be offering a free one-time transfer to any non-Asia Pacific server of the player’s choosing, with the servers shutting down in the next couple of months.

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