Another day, another bug. It has only been a little over one month since Apple released the 2013 MacBook Air at Worldwide Developers Conference. The refreshed lineup doesn’t come with any major design changes, but it does come with Intel’s all new Haswell processors. Users have reported a couple of bugs in the past as well, some complained that their new MacBook Air would repeatedly and unexpectedly drop the Wi-Fi connection. Others said volume would fluctuate on its own during video playback. A new thread on Apple Support Forums contains complaints from users about intermittent video loss on the display, the bug seems to be affecting both 11 and 13 inch 2013 MacBook Air models.

Judging by the complaints on the thread, the issue seems to be more persistent when the MacBook Air is on battery power, while some claim to have experienced it on AC power too. Basically the laptop itself doesn’t shut down or go in to sleep mode, the display goes dark as the screen flashes intermittently. It is not clear as of now if this issue is hardware or software based. Apple is yet to advise users on a possible fix.

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