So we have heard rumors that Apple is planning a foldable iPhone that probably won’t be launching anytime soon, but adding to those rumors, Ross Young of DSCC is now claiming that Apple could also be exploring the idea of an all-display MacBook that could also be foldable.

If Young’s predictions are accurate, don’t hold your breath at seeing this device anytime soon because it has been suggested that it might only launch later than 2025, meaning we could be waiting until 2026, 2027, or even later. To be fair, short of concepts, no manufacturer has actually attempted such a device yet so there’s still a chance Apple could be first.

The report claims that the device will feature a foldable display that will also sport an on-screen keyboard that users can use in place of a physical one, but it will also support external physical keyboards if that’s what users prefer. The fact that it’s all-display also means that the device could double up as a secondary monitor for some.

It’s an interesting claim although a bit odd. Apple has long resisted the idea of creating MacBooks with touchscreen displays as the company has stated that using a laptop this way doesn’t make sense, and we have to agree, but who knows, maybe Apple is merely exploring the idea and that such a device may never see the light of day.

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