The majority of the hardware components in a laptop like the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro are housed under the keyboard, all of which are then connected to the upper housing of the laptop where the display resides.

Now it seems that there is a bit of a growing trend where it has been noticed that more people are buying broken MacBooks, like those without displays or with broken displays, and are removing the display portion of the laptop and then connecting it to an external display and transforming the laptop into a pseudo Mac mini of sorts.

It actually makes a lot of sense because like we said, the internals of what powers the laptop all reside under the keyboard, which means that with a little bit of tinkering, it is possible to hook it up to an external display and continue to take advantage of the hardware of the MacBook.

Plus the fact that the lower half of the laptop has a keyboard AND a mouse in the form of a trackpad, you won’t even need to connect any additional peripherals to it! It’s actually a pretty clever idea and if you do have a MacBook with a broken display and you don’t want to pay to get it replaced, this could be a good way to repurpose your laptop, assuming you have no intentions of bringing it out with you.

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