According to various local reports, French authorities raided Apple’s headquarters in France. The raid comes after an anti-trust investigation was launched against Apple in the country, Apple is said to have unfairly favored its own stores over its retail partners in France. The complaint was launched by one of its resellers, eBizcuss, which went bankrupt last year. The retailer claims that Apple made sure that its own retail stores were well stocked with its new products, which in turn affected supplies to resellers, they didn’t get enough stock to stop their balance sheets from going in to red.

According to the reports, the competition regulators of France conducted this raid. They are said to have seized documents related to the complaint filed by eBizcuss. Apple’s troubles in the country don’t end here. French regulators are also said to be investigating prices for newspapers and magazines in the App Store. Apple reportedly raised their prices last year, a move that many believe makes it difficult for smaller developers to compete with the company in that particular market. Apple has not issued an official statement as yet regarding the raid.

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