iwatchCould Apple actually be playing catch up here where the world of smart watches are concerned, or could they also turn on the heat and revolutionize the entire industry with the release of a possible iWatch? Nobody can really predict the future, just like how smartphones were not really all that hot until the iPhone was released in 2007, and the same can be said for tablets, too. Microsoft did try to push the idea of a tablet PC way before the iPad was introduced, but the iPad exploded onto the scene and ended up as the tablet that nearly everyone wanted to own. Yahoo! Japan did notice that Apple has been after the”iWatch” trademark in Japan on June 3rd, and this bit of information comes after a recent patent application from Apple that hopes to own the rights to a watch-like AMOLED device that comes with a bunch of sensors and features. What do you think of the possibility of an iWatch – is it very, very real, and even if so, will you pick one up out of curiosity or need? [Translated Page]

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