beatsdrenewdaisyjtjtEarlier this it was reported that Beats was interested in launching a streaming music service of their own which supposedly would rival popular service, Spotify. While an exact date for the service has yet to be determined, it has been rumored recently that Beats could be teaming up with AT&T to help spread the service as wide as possible. This includes a possible deal in which Beats’ streaming music service could come bundled with AT&T data plans, and given that everyone needs data these days and how big AT&T’s subscriber base is, it certainly sounds like a pretty good way to get the word around and rack up an audience base in a short amount of time.

Naturally AT&T and Beats have declined to comment on this rumor, but supposedly the parties involved which includes major music labels, are still in the early stages of working out the details and it is possible that such a deal with AT&T could fall through with Beats approaching a different carrier instead. It is unclear as to how this deal will work, but it has been hypothesized that purchasing an AT&T data plan could give users free access to the service for a month, after which the plan is to get them to continue subscribing.

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