New Beats Headphones Launched With Colors That Match The New iPhones

When Apple launches new iPhones, usually we see them announce some new Beats products. Ahead of today’s iPhone event, it was rumored that there might not be any new Beats headphones announced, and it seems that the rumors were sort of true. There were no Beats products announced, but the existing lineup did get refreshed with some new color options.

Apple Might Not Have Any New Beats Products To Announce Tomorrow

Tomorrow Apple will officially announce their new iPhones. The event is also rumored to see the launch of the Apple Watch Series 4, and possibly new iPad Pro models. Apple’s iPhone events also typically see the launch of new Beats products, but unfortunately that might not happen this year.

Apple Unveils New Beats Solo3, Powerbeats3 Color Options

While Apple might have gone through a colorful phase with their iMac G3 series of desktop computers, in recent years Apple has opted to tone down their color offers, creating a more uniform and somber look across their products. However if there is one exception it would be with their Beats headphones.

Analyst Predicts $250 Beats-Branded Speaker With Siri At WWDC 2018

Apple’s HomePods is probably one of the most expensive smart speakers in the market today, but that’s not surprising considering that Apple products are usually priced at a premium. Unfortunately it seems that its price could be one of the reasons why not many are adopting the speakers as much as Apple would like.


Apple Music Boss Jimmy Iovine Possibly Leaving Apple This Year

Jimmy Iovine, the face of Apple’s music streaming service, is reportedly planning on leaving Apple later this year. He’s apparently going to do that after his Apple shares fully vest. Iovine joined Apple back in 2014 when he and Dr. Dre sold the headphone maker Beats to Apple for $3 billion.

New Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones Feature Apple’s W1 Chip

Beats, now owned by Apple, today announced an upgraded model of its premium Studio headphones. The new Beats Studio 3 Wireless headphones feature Apple’s W1 chip. They also promise improved noise cancellation. The new headphones feature redesigned internals and longer battery life when compared to its predecessor.

Apple Unveils New Special Edition Beats Headphones With Balmain

Apple’s interest in merging tech and fashion is hardly a secret, especially when you consider that over the past few years, Apple has hired quite a few executives who have had extensive experience in the fashion industry. Let’s not forget that the Apple Watch is also being positioned as a fashion accessory, thanks to Apple’s collaboration with fashion labels such as Hermes.

Apple’s Back-To-School Promo Offers Free Beats With MacBook

If you’re a student going back to school after the summer holidays, know that Apple is having a back-to-school promo which actually seems to offer up a pretty decent deal where you will be able to score yourself a free set of Beats headphones with a Mac purchase. This will cover the iMac, Mac Pro, MacBook, MacBook Pro, and the MacBook Air.

Students Get Free Beats Headphones On MacBook And iPad Purchase

There are still a couple of months before school starts again. Many students will be looking to upgrade their tech before they head off to school again. No wonder we’re seeing computer companies come out with their own promotions to capture new customers. While Apple isn’t offering significant discounts on its products which tend to be quite sought after, the company is offering a pair of free Beats headphones.

Apple Blames Exploding Beats Headphone On Third-Party Batteries

Earlier this year you might recall a story about a woman who was traveling on a flight from Beijing, China to Melbourne, Australia and where her Beats branded headphones exploded, leaving her face, hands, and hair burnt. She has since sought for reimbursement over the damaged property.

Apple’s BeatsX Headphones Could Finally Be Launched This Week

Back in September during Apple’s iPhone event, the company unveiled several new Beats headphones. One of those headphones was the BeatsX, which are basically a wireless pair of earbuds. However it seems that for some reason, the headphones were delayed back in December and was said to be delayed 2-3 months.

AirPods And Beats Account For 40% Of Recent Bluetooth Headphone Sales

Apple’s AirPods are expensive and are rather weirdly designed, but Apple’s CEO Tim Cook recently stated that they were a runaway success. No official numbers were given and if you thought that Cook was just putting on an optimistic front for investors, apparently that is not the case.

Apple Announces Chinese New Year Promotions

In case you’re not familiar, Chinese New Year in 2017 will be kicking off on the 28th of January. The good news is that it looks like Apple wants to help some of their customers celebrate the holiday by announcing several Chinese New Year-related promotions for those who buy an iPhone or Mac.

Apple’s BeatsX Earphones Reportedly Delayed 2-3 Months

When Apple announced the AirPods, they also unveiled a trio of Beats headphones that were alternatives to the AirPods in case users wanted something different. One of those options was the BeatsX earphones which are a pair of relatively affordable earphones that offered up wireless capabilities.