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Apple’s Decision To Ditch iPhone Accessories Could Be Paying Off
Apple’s decision to remove accessories included with the iPhone 12 has been met with derision by many on the internet, but it seems that maybe those critics are a minority because according to a report from DigiTimes, it appears that Apple’s strategy is already starting to pay dividends for the company.

Beats Flex Could Be A Better Alternative To The EarPods
Now that Apple is no longer including the EarPods with their iPhones, it means that if you want to listen to music on the go, you’re going to need to buy a new pair, if you don’t own one already. The EarPods have never really been known to be that good in terms of audio. While functional, they don’t necessarily sound particularly good.

Refreshed Powerbeats Pro Spotted At The FCC
Last year, Apple announced the Powerbeats Pro earphones. These are a pair of wireless earbuds that are designed more for active users who prefer having a more secure fit and also water-resistant capabilities, but at the same time want something completely wireless. This were features not offered by the AirPods or the AirPods Pro.

Apple Will Apparently Not Be Killing Off The Beats Brand
Many have been wondering what Apple’s plans are for Beats. Apple had acquired the company a few years ago and it did not take them long to kill off Beats Music and fold it into what is known as Apple Music today. So what about the Beats headphones? Given that we haven’t seen any many new Beats headphones (save for new color options), there has been speculation that Apple could […]


Apple’s Upcoming Powerbeats4 Wireless Earphones Leaked
While Apple’s AirPods are used by many at the gym, the fact that they are only splash resistant means that it might not necessarily be too useful for those who perform very intensive workouts and might sweat a lot, especially if you want to rinse them off later. This is where the Powerbeats series comes in, and it looks like Apple could have a new model in the works.

Apple Unveils New Beats Solo Pro Headphones With 40 Hour Battery Life
The problem with the majority of wireless headphones is in its battery life. While we can appreciate not having to deal with cables that get tangled, we compromise by having devices run on battery, which like we said, for the most part is still less than ideal in terms of how long it can last.

iOS 13.1 To Bring Audio Sharing Feature To Beats Headphones
Earlier this year, it was revealed that with the iOS 13 update, Apple will be introducing audio sharing. In case it wasn’t already obvious, audio sharing means that users will be able to listen to the same music on the same device through separate headphones, which unless you’re using a wired headphones with a splitter, would be almost impossible with Bluetooth headphones.

Apple Launches New AppleCare+ Plan For Its Headphones
If you buy an expensive gadget like an iPhone or a MacBook, then buying AppleCare+ for it makes sense, especially since repairs can get pretty expensive. However, what do you think about AppleCare+ for headphones? Necessary or not? Apparently necessary, according to Apple who launched a new AppleCare+ plan for their headphones.

Apple’s Powerbeats Pro Now Available In 20 More Countries
Back in April, Apple announced the Powerbeats Pro. This was Apple’s “active” alternative to their AirPods for users who might need a pair of headphones that can withstand some moisture and also potentially sounds better. If you’re looking to get your hands on it, you’ll be pleased to learn that the headphones are now available in additional countries.

Powerbeats Pro Will Support AirPods ‘Announce Messages With Siri’ Feature
During WWDC 2019, Apple announced that as part of iOS 13, there will also be some new features that would be coming to the AirPods. One of those features is the “Announce Messages with Siri”, in which messages you receive while wearing the AirPods can be read out loud to you by Siri.

Apple’s Powerbeats Pro Headphones Have A IPX4 Rating
While many have no doubt been using Apple’s AirPods headphones for their workouts, we should note that they are not waterproof in any way, meaning that if they were to get wet from excessive sweating, there is a chance you could ruin them. However, if you’d like the ease of use of the AirPods but with better water protection, the Powerbeats Pro could be worth your consideration.

Powerbeats Pro Will Be Available For Pre-Order May 3
Following the launch of the second-gen AirPods, it was rumored (and later confirmed) that Apple would be launching a Beats-version of the AirPods. The headphones in question is known as the Powerbeats Pro and if you are interested in the headphones, you will be pleased to learn that it will be available for pre-order starting next month.

Powerbeats Pro True Wireless Headphones Launched
The other day it was rumored that Apple could be working on a new set of Beats headphones that would essentially be the Beats equivalent to the AirPods. For those who prefer the sound signature of Beats headphones, you might be interested to learn that Apple has since launched the Powerbeats Pro.

Apple Powerbeats Pro True Wireless Headphones Leaked
A few days ago, it was reported that Apple could be working on launching a new pair of Beats headphones. What makes this interesting and exciting is the fact that Apple has yet to launch a set of Beats headphones in a while (new colorways don’t really count), and how it has also been rumored to be a set of “true” wireless headphones similar to the AirPods.

True Wireless Beats Headphones Could Be Launching This April
Last year Apple pretty much did nothing with its Beats brand of headphones. Apart from launching new color options, there were no new Beats products, but that could change next month because according to a report from CNET, Apple could actually launch a new set of Beats headphones next month.

Beats 'NBA Collection' Studio3 Wireless Headphones Released
It has been a while since Apple released new Beats headphones. Unfortunately for fans of Beats headphones hoping to see something new from the company, you might be in for a wait because it still does not look like that will be happening just yet. However there is some good news and that is Apple has released new colorways for existing headphones.

Exclusive New Year Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones For China Revealed
China is an extremely important market for Apple, so much so that following weak demand for the iPhone in the country, Apple had to slash its revenue estimates. Bad news aside, it seems that over in China Apple has recently taken the wraps off their latest Beats Solo3 wireless headphones, which has been given an exclusive design for the Chinese market.

Study Finds Apple Is Apparently Leading The Headphone Market
When you think of headphones, you might think of brands such as Bose, Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Sony, and so on, and chances are that Apple is probably a brand that almost never comes to mind. However according to a study by MIDiA Research (via MacDailyNews), Apple is apparently leading the headphone market.

Beats Studio 3 ‘Skyline’ Collection Launched
Earlier Apple had launched a new pair of Solo 3 headphones that were designed to feature a Mickey Mouse design plastered across its band. This was in collaboration with Disney to celebrate the character turning 90 years old. However if over-ears headphones are more your jam, then you might be interested to learn that Apple has since launched the Beats Studio 3 Skyline Collection.

Limited Edition Mickey Mouse Beats Solo 3 Headphones Launched
In terms of brand new upgraded models of Beats headphones, Apple hasn’t really refreshed the lineup this year. However this isn’t to say that the current lineup is bad, and in fact many of them are still 100% viable, which is kind of the perks of headphones in which as long as it sounds good, you don’t really need to upgrade them.