facebook_logoIt seems that there is no way to find a way out of advertising – everywhere you go and turn, there is some sort of advert hanging over you, even in a creepy manner where ads seem to know who you are, and deliver a custom ad that best fits your ‘profile’. Of course, there are instances where advertisements can be criticized for being deemed as deceptive to the consumer, but others do have legit methods of going about it. Yahoo has done its bit to inject some life into their mobile advertising arm, while Twitter is looking into targeted ads, and the Samsung-Apple wars does not stop at just patents and lawsuits, but also includes the realm of advertising. Facebook is no stranger to the world of ads in their social network, having raised some controversy recently, but it seems that the social network giant is reportedly (according to Bloomberg) going to sell TV-style ads for $2.5 million a pop.

These ads will arrive in 15-second videos, and the clips are inserted directly into a person’s news feed. Initially, it is said that these ads will be sold on a full-day day basis, where its targeting will be based solely on a person’s age and gender. A video would not show itself more than three times per person, per day, and the price would cost marketers anywhere from $1 million to $2.5 million each day. Hopefully the presence of these video ads will not ruin the end user’s experience.

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