targeted-adsAdvertising is an industry that works on metrics and the more detailed the information of their target demographic, the better. In fact, you could say that the digital age has brought about a change in the way advertising works, with targeted adverts that are based on your web browsing history becoming an established force online for quite some time now. The thing is, how will the general masses react should advertisers begin to point out one’s habits and interests whenever we are offline? Do you think that this is an invasion of privacy on an unprecedented level?

For instance, you might enter an electronics store to have the nearby TVs show the latest video games line up because you are a hardcore gamer, or how about entering a fashion store to have the latest pair of denims appear because you simply cannot live without jeans? As it is, facial recognition technology has already been implemented in vending machines, so what is there it stop stores of the future from using cameras to scan one’s face before dishing out the most relevant ad at that point in time? Of course, do not expect the accuracy level to be sky high, but rather a generic one, since it can only make out basics like gender, height, weight, approximate age, and other details, but anything deeper than the exterior might be a wee bit more tricky since each of us do come in a unique package.

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