xbox-one-used-gamesIf you’re wondering how much you would have to pay for a first-party Xbox One game, Microsoft has confirmed that in the UK (via Microsoft Store), gamers can expect to pay 49.99 GBP. Those of us living stateside can tentatively expect a price point of $59.99. This might sound like a bit steep for some gamers, but it should be noted that games priced at retailers have typically been discounted, and given that the Xbox One will be a brand new console, it wouldn’t be surprising if its initial batch of games were to be pricey at the start, similar to how PlayStation 3 games were really expensive initially.

We expect that over time as the console begins to mature and there are more games to choose from, retailers will start bringing down the prices of their games, but in the meantime if you were thinking of getting an Xbox One console, the 49.99 GBP/$59.99 price tag might be something worth taking into consideration. Sony has yet to confirm the prices of their own PlayStation 4 games but hopefully we will be seeing similar price points, if not cheaper!

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