forza5-dlI am not quite sure about you, but whenever I purchase a game in the form of a physical disc and have installed it, I would have expected it to run right out of the box. Or at least, that was the way things were done in the past, before the issue of piracy arose and digital rights management reared its head, requiring users to log on via an Internet connection before playing. It seems that the same will apply to the futuristic looking Forza 5 that will hit Microsoft’s Xbox One in due time. Originally touted that Forza 5 will not require an Internet connection to run, it seems that there is an about turn now. You will need to hook up once (thankfully) to download a slew of data before you run the game.

Why can’t they just include all the relevant data on the installation disc itself? Apparently, content such as tracks and cars are available online, and because of the game studio’s production schedule, these data will be made available as late as possible, so it is not possible to include those in the game disc itself, but over the Internet instead. It is also encouraged that you continue to download the Drivatars, as these will be continuously updated with user data.

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