We think it’s safe to say the majority of the U.S. is paying close attention to the George Zimmerman trial, although some might be paying closer attention than others as the trial came to a halt when one of the trial’s witnesses testified via Skype. It wasn’t due to any sort of connection problem or due to the witness wearing anything that wasn’t suitable for a court of law, but instead, a number of people decided to bombard the witness with Skype calls while he attempts to give his testimony.


As you can see in video posted above, criminal justice professor Scott Pleasants was only able to testify for about two or so minutes before calls started pouring in. The amount of constant Skype alerts and pop-up notifications resulted in Judge Debra Nelson becoming frustrated with the situation. Nelson asked if there was any other way to communicate with Pleasants, ultimately becoming so frustrated she said to end the call entirely.

Ultimately the court was able to contact Pleasants on his cellphone, although we wonder why this wasn’t the option to begin with. Attorneys could have also avoided this entire fiasco by limiting the amount of incoming calls through their Skype account’s contact list, but we’re sure they already knew that prior to taking Pleasants’ call.

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