Google Glass has yet to be made available to the general public, but we’re already seeing a number of developers create applications for the wearable computer that allows you to browse the web, browse Reddit and publish updates on Facebook. But what if you want to partake in a game of Battleship while you’re on the go and all you have is your pair of Google Glass and the clothes on your back? Then you may want to look into GlassBattle.


Mobile app developer Brick Simple created GlassBattle using Google Glass’ Mirror API in order to develop a two-player, turn-based, synchronous Battleship-style game on the device. When playing GlassBattle, you’ll be able to see when another player joins your game, to which you’ll then proceed to begin your game by placing your ships on a grid.

GlassBattle isn’t available on Google Glass yet, but once Google raises its Mirror API quota limit, Brick Simple plans to launch the game for all Google Glass wearers to enjoy. Just remember to keep your voice down as yelling “You sunk my battleship!” at the top of your lungs in the middle of church will most likely be frowned upon.

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