With the release of a Reddit application onto Google Glass, we know users of the wearable computer can now waste countless hours browsing the website without having to lift a finger. But it looks like the biggest time-consuming social network, Facebook, will have some sort of a presence on Google Glass.

An official Facebook app has yet to be developed on Google Glass, instead, a third-party application called “Glass to Facebook” was created in order to share pictures taken from the device directly onto Facebook. Users will first need to connect their Facebook account with the application, which then acts as a contact which you can share your photos with.

Once you’re all squared away, you can start sharing your Google Glass moments on the social media service along with a cool little “Posted through Glass” message to remind your friends just how much cooler you are than they are. Sure – they might have had children, own a house and have vacationed to exotic locations, but you have Google Glass!

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