A screenshot of the Reddit app in action on Google Glass

If you’re an avid user of the Internet, we’re sure you’ve stumbled onto Reddit in one way or another. The extremely popular social news site has eaten away hundreds of hours, days, months and even years of time for its most dedicated users and it looks like Google Glass users can expect to waste as much time on that platform as they already do on their computers and mobile devices.

Google Glass Explorer Malcolm Nguyen has published an app that brings much of the Reddit web experience to the platform. Reddit Timeline allows the user to swipe through the top 25 Front Page posts at a time, upvote or downvote, and even comment. The application even allows you to share something to Reddit directly from Google Glass.

Reddit Timeline refreshes Front Page posts on an hourly basis within the application, so you’ll be able to check out new content constantly. If you would rather not read comments made to a particular post on Google Glass’ screen, you can have them read aloud to you, although we’d bet the application will have a hard time reading “TROLOLOLOL” aloud.

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