Halo-Spartan-Assault-Screenshot-Grizzly-Last-StandIf you love the Halo franchise, perhaps you might actually love it enough where you wouldn’t mind a bit of Halo action on your phone. The good news for Windows Phone owners is that they will be able to expect Vanguard Games to release the first Halo game for Windows Phone sometime later this month. Granted this is not the same Halo game that Xbox gamers have gotten used to on their console and big screen televisions, but it is expected to be of the Halo universe/franchise, so diehard fans might be interested in checking it out. The game was revealed during Microsoft’s Build 2013 conference where it was mentioned that it will feature 5 operations with 5 levels, and it should provide gamers with around 2.5 hours’ worth of gameplay. The game is also expected to receive updates with additional content in the future, one of them possibly being multiplayer support as well. The game is expected to cost $6.99 upon its release.

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