nokia-rx-114Hmmm, now this is something interesting – Nokia might be jumping aboard the tablet bandwagon after all, after rumors concerning a possible Nokia Zoom with an image of an alleged expunged Nokia tablet hitting the headlines earlier this month. It is said that Nokia could very well be testing out a Snapdragon 800powered device that runs on the Windows operating system, assuming the data that was spotted in a recent benchmark result could be trusted. After all, it is pretty easy to fake stuff online these days.

Taking on the RX-114 name, it was allegedly spotted in a GFXbench app. Of course, it remains to be seen whether this is a Windows Phone 8 smartphone or Windows RT tablet, but the listing, should it be accurate, states a 1371 x 771 pixels, which would be close to the 1366 x 768 pixel screen size that can be found on the Surface RT, which would increase the possibility of it being a tablet more than a smartphone. If Nokia gets the RX-114 right as a tablet, it might help shed some stigma associated with Microsoft’s Surface tablets, which is shown to be a failed iPad killer, as Microsoft had to reduce the price of the tablet by $150 and eventually write-down $900 million worth of inventory. At least Walmart benefited from the price cut by selling out their inventory, contrary to those who believed otherwise.

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