Nokia-Lumia-1020-hands-on-review-2Nokia’s Windows Phone efforts have been impressive so far and the Finnish company has not been shy at releasing phones with big displays, and with the upcoming Lumia 625, the device’s 4.7” display will be the biggest among the Lumia phones so far. However it seems that the Lumia 625 is not where the buck stops as Nokia’s head of product design, Stefan Pannenbecker, revealed that the company is working on newer phone for the future with larger displays and with thinner bezels, creating the illusion that the display is bigger than it really is.

This was revealed during an interview Pannenbecker had with Vodafone where he was quoted as saying, “I can totally see why people might like bigger displays. At Nokia we like to give people some choice as to how they want to use the product […] We try to minimise the footprint of the product by optimising the way we build the screen and the frame around it.” Pannenbecker also went on to state that despite the Lumia 925 being the first Lumia phone to be made from metal, it does not mean that all future Lumia devices will be made from the material, but he acknowledged that metal “is a really nice asset”.  While Windows Phone’s hardware “lacks” somewhat on paper compared to Android, they are definitely playing catchup and we can’t wait to see what the future of Windows Phone and future Nokia Lumia devices has to show.

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