Listening to music on the go is pretty common, although the downside is that it can drain your phone’s battery the more you use it. However thanks to a Kickstarter project for a pair of headphones called the OnBeat Solar Headphones, its creator Andrew Anderson is hoping to change things. The headphones look pretty normal on the surface and are actually pretty nicely designed too, but hidden underneath  the is a set of rechargeable batteries and a full solar panel which according to Anderson should provide you with enough juice to charge up your phone.

The solar panel has a charge capacity of 0.55W which is a little slow, so we’re guessing that this pair of headphones will most likely be good for keeping your battery levels at its current level, assuming you don’t suddenly start cranking out videos and intensive games. The power can also be stored in the li-ion batteries stored in the earpieces and thanks to a built-in USB port, you can use that to charge up USB-based devices as well. It’s a pretty good idea and we’re wondering why no one has thought of something similar in the past! If you’d like to see the OnBeat Solar Headphones made a reality, you can pledge a donation on its Kickstarter pageonbeat or find out more details about it.

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